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Solitude Productions, BadMoodMan Music & Slow Burn Records - Novos Lançamentos (New Releases)

No seguimento da parceria de divulgação estabelecida com a Solitude Productions, BadMoodMan Music e a Slow Burn Records, anunciamos aqui os novos lançamentos destas labels.

SP. 042-10 Shattered Hope – Absence
(release date 20.12.2010)

The first full-length album of a Greek band representing the result of a long artistic way. High-quality atmospheric doom death metal in the very traditions of the genre features outstanding melodies, musical diversity and virtuosic performance. Additional vocals feature guest appearance of frontmen of such bands as Saturnus and Ataraxie. An instrumental part includes guest appearance of violins and cello.

 SP. 043-10 Helllight – …And Then, The Light Of Consciousness Became Hell…
(release date 20.12.2010)

The third album of a Brazilian band demonstrates the further progress of the musicians. Six epic tracks featured on the album are filled with deep tragic passion created by solid guitar sound and rich keyboards. Dense sound and interesting melodies distinguish the album among their other works. Piano interludes, mid-tempo fragments and clean vocals make the new album of HellLight an outstanding example of funeral doom death metal.

BMM. 039-10 Raventale – After
(release date 15.12.2010)

The fourth album of the famous Ukranian project Raventale demonstrates artistic evolution of its only member hidden beneath Astaroth name. On the one hand the new work named “After” continues the tendencies of the previous album with its mood and concept; on the other hand this is a standing alone masterpiece progressing from black/doom metal style to depressive black realm. The ideas behind this album demonstrate author’s thoughts about eternity and its decay, about the cyclic nature of life and being, about the destruction of this reincarnation cycle by the nature itself. Without any doubt the album can be treated as the best album of Raventale that has been ever created. The gold-plated CD with pit-art comes with a booklet printed on a golden paper which makes “After” a must-have item for your music collection and an outstanding present for any adept of the genre.

BMM. 040-10 Amber Tears – The Key To December
(release date 15.12.2010)

The long-awaited second album of the most famous Russian pagan/doom metal band Amber Tears being one of the best representatives of Russian pagan scene. Having started their way as followers of the cult Belorussian band Gods Tower Amber Tears demonstrate their own unique face at the second album “A Key for December”. Basing on folk motives and lyrics featuring folk tradition the musicians added doom death metal elements with all their slowness and weight to their music. The Russian traditional musical instrument gusli appearing on the album underlines the mental connection of Amber Tears work with traditional Russian music which is organically fused with modern melodic doom metal features. This album is indeed a milestone!

BURN 006-10 A Cold Dead Body – Harvest Years
(release date 16.12.2010)

Debut A Cold Dead Body’s album “Harvest Years” is a trail through 9 steps, from the "Semen" to the "Divinity". There is a story inside the album, not just music and words. Music and words create the atmosphere, but the written story has the sense of the whole album. It's a concept about a journey, about human ambition, about the conflict between humanity and nature, it's a concept based on the sense of life, technology and the meaning of death. Recorded and mixed at: Mushroom Studio, by Enrico Berto. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Isis, Pelican, Earth). One of the best acts around. Must have!! CD released in Cardboard (Mini LP) Sleeve pack.

BURN 007-10 Catacombe – Kinetic
(release date 18.12.2010)

Debut album of Portuguese band Catacombe uniquely combines modern metal and post rock. Developing the ideas of their first EP “Memoirs” the band makes a pronouncing step of their way of creating memorable sound. The music features fine guitar passages, heavy riffs and complex melodic constructions. The album was recorded in January/March 2010 at Soundvision Studios. Mastering is performed by James Plotkin (Isis, Khanate, Pelican, Earth). The CD comes in noble Cardboard (Mini LP) Sleeve.

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