domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

Solitude Productions & Slow Burn Records - Novos Lançamentos (New Releases)

No seguimento da parceria de divulgação estabelecida com a Solitude Productions e a Slow Burn Records, anunciamos aqui os novos lançamentos destas labels.

SP. 040-10 Septic Mind – The Beginning
(release date 30.11.2010)

A debut album of a Russian band Septic Mind. They presented themselves to the audience at Moscow Doom Festival V, performing at the same stage with Esoteric, Pantheist and Jack Frost, and attracting attention of the fans of the genre. Being followers of Esoteric the musicians evolve from traditional funeral doom to different experiments. Septic Mind have remastered their demo record providing really extreme sound progressing from powerful guitar riffs through noise effects to atmospheric keyboard interludes reflecting the mail concept of the album, the coldness and infinity of cosmos.

SP. 041-10 Who Dies In Siberian Slush – Вitterness Of The Years That Are Lost
(release date 30.11.2010)

The first full line-up album of the project recently appeared as one-man-band. This is the first officially issued work of the band: some tracks were featured at early demo recordings, but now they are reviewed and performed with supreme power and quality. Recording and mastering were performed at Primordial Studio (Abstract Spirit, Revelations of Rain, Comatose Vigil).
“Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost” presents uncompromising music combining Doom Death and Funeral Doom in the vein of My Shameful. The album features guest appearance of vocalists of Comatose Vigil, Amber Tears, Elnordia, Abstract Spirit.

BURN 002-10 Talbot – Eos
(release date 01.12.2010)

The first full-length album of Estonian duet Talbot attract attention by its originality: the although the music is played without a guitar, it features fine melodies and solid sound, while sound blast created by bass and drums can serve as a standard for other modern bands. Talbot music features elements of various music genres from post rock to traditional doom metal thus creating unique atmosphere and memorable sound. The CD as a digipak. Limited edition 500 copies.

BURN 003-10 The Death Of Her Money – You Are Loved
(release date 01.12.2010)
New work of British band The Death Of Her Money features traditions laid in their previous albums while demonstrating higher level of songwriting and sound performance. The album is kept in the vein of best representatives of modern post metal scene. First 500 copies come in digipak format.

BURN 004-10 The Deadists – Time Without Light
(release date 05.12.2010)

Swedish band The Deadists cannot be definitely classified: featuring sound elements of such different bands as Black Sabbath, Entombed, Hawkwind, High On Fire, Sleep, The Melvins и Neurosis they created their own unique sound. Fans of modern metalcore will love their powerful guitar riffs.  Persent EP “Time Without Light” unlike its digital version features hidden track “Blizzard Of Nails”. Mastered by Goran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth, M.A.N.).

BURN 005-10 Steny Lda – Steny Lda (Walls of Ice)
 (release date 05.12.2010)

With their self-titled debut album (Steny Lda) Walls of Ice introduce themselves as one of the best representatives of actively developing Russian post metal scene. All eight album compositions create a single canvas with heavy guitar riffs, melodic interludes and solos pierced with atmosphere of estrangement, gloom and reign of northern frost, winter and primal nature.


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